The Possibility Of An Obama Primary Challenge

It is fascinating to see The One crumbling so fast that the left is now openly debating the merit, or at least the possibility, of a primary challenge for the 2010 election cycle (which is coming to a political theater near you far too soon).  Pretty soon, the left may even admit that Obama was never qualified to be President in the first place, and his election was a grave mistake.

That said, Professor Jacobson is absolutely correct when he says that “when it comes down to the wire, Democrats will not walk away from Obama.”  They have nowhere else to go. 

As much as they are complaining about it, liberals cannot abandon Obama on the tax deal.  That would cripple his presidency even further on the eve of the Republicans’ taking control of the House. 

And liberals cannot bring a primary challenge without virtually ensuring Obama’s defeat in 2012.  There is no credible black challenger, and African-American voters — 90% of whom still support Obama — would be disheartened, to say the least, by a primary challenge. 

Setting that problem aside, it would be impossible to run on Obama’s left and win the general election.  Independents are already concerned about the Democrats’ leftward lurch.  And a candidate running to Obama’s right would alienate the Democrats’ liberal base even further.

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