UN Climate Change Conference Delegates Support Crippling the U.S. Economy And Banning Water

At least they didn’t know they were supporting the latter. 

Here’s what happenedStudents from a group called Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (“CFACT”) circulated two fake petitions at the U.N.’s global warming gathering in sunny Cancun. 

The first called for the imposition of tariffs and trade restrictions on the U.S. for the express purpose of destabilizing our economy and causing a decrease in U.S. GDP by 6% over a ten year period unless the U.S. signs a global warming treaty, which no doubt would call for further shrinking the U.S. economy. 

The second was a “Petition to Ban the Use of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO).”  That’s nonsense pseudo-scientific speak for water. 

The video shows that our noble delegates to the conference who like to lecture skeptics about their alleged fealty to science (from popular vacation spots) were eager to support anti-U.S. measures, and easily fooled by scary facts about water — fatal if inhaled! causes erosion! used in nuclear powerplants!   All true.  It is also essential for all life on earth.

As I have written before, the global warming/environmentalist movement is more about advancing progressive social and political causes than rigorous science or protection of the environment.

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