Ace Of Spades HQ For Top 10 Political Blogs

Something called Wikio blog rankings has some rankings out, and one of my favorite blogs, Ace of Spades HQ, is staggering along like an 80 year-old asthmatic drunk on ValuRite vodka and HoBo blood cocktails at #51 in the top political blogs.  So they’re blegging for links:

Come on people we can do better than this. And God knows Ace deserves better. The site just hit 100 millions hits and got linked twice this week by National Review’s Morning Jolt. And yet we’re still stuck out here at #51 along with Ahmet, Jugdish, Sydney, and Clayton. It’s time to have some integrity people!

Now some of this is our fault since to date our marketing efforts have consisted mostly of blog posts and the occasional note scrawled in bathroom stalls. But we need your help too. So start passing the word about the blog.

Link it. Mention it in unrelated conversations. Write it on dollar bills you find. Link it. Leave it up on library computers. Link it some more. And evangelize the AoSHQ Way to anyone you meet. This Christmas Ace doesn’t just need your money – he also needs you out selling the Moron Message among the masses.

Reliably conservative; unrepentently offensive; and the best psychotic rants in the business.  What more could anyone want?  So the morons asked for links, and I do what I’m told by the blogging overlords.

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