Obama’s Middle East Policy Reaches Its Inevitable Conclusion

The U.S. has given up trying to force, persuade, bribe, or otherwise get Israel to re-freeze West Bank settlement.  The Administration’s Israeli/Palestinian policy has been a disaster from the start.  By signalling that the U.S. would focus on pressuring Israel to make additional concessions, the U.S. ensured that the Palestinians would make no concessions at all — not even by recognizing Israel’s right to exist

A rational Israeli/Palestinian policy would begin with recognizing who the main actors are. 

The Israelis are the only democracy in the entire Middle East.  They are our staunch allies.  They are facing existential threats from their neighbors.  They allow Israeli-Arab Muslims and Christians to vote and freely exercise their religion, and protect their holy sites.  And they take extraordinary efforts to avoid civilian casualties when defending themselves against aggressors who hide and fight behind them.

The Palestinians are sponsored by Arab dictators  and the psychopaths in Iran.  They lauch rocket attacks against civilians and set off bombs in Israeli cafes.  They hide behind their own women and children to launch their attacks.  They move weapons and combatants using ambulances.  They teach their children to love death over life.  And did I mention that they won’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist?

Maybe now the Administration will realize that the Palestinians are the ones who need to be pressured.

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