“All In All, One Of The Strangest Political Events Of My Lifetime”

So says John Podhoretz at Commentary Contentions regarding President Obama’s second press conference on the recent tax deal between Obama and Congressional Republicans.  “[H]e spent the first half insulting Republicans and the conclusion screaming at Democrats and left-liberals.”  The main page has more detail via a bit of live blogging.

Who would have thought that a young politician with no real work or executive experience who had never faced political adversity and was coddled by the press throughout a brief career on the national stage would have no idea what to do once the tides turned against him?

UPDATE: Rich Lowry weighs in, piles on, or whatever: “Surely, if President Obama had been scripted this afternoon he wouldn’t have let loose with such self-revaltory rant at the end of his presser. . . .  We got a good look behind the curtain for a moment this afternoon, and it wasn’t pretty.”

UPDATE II: Daniel Foster joins the growing consensus: “A prickly Obama, at times raising his voice, called Senate Republicans ‘hostage-takers’ and ‘bomb-throwers’ for opposing his agenda, and said critics on the Left who portray him as weak on core issues are ‘sanctimonious.’”

UPDATE III: Jennifer Rubin from her new perch at WaPo: “Worst press conference — ever. I don’t mean just for Obama. I mean any president. Or head of state.”  Ouch. 

UPDATE IV: Allahpundit at Hot Air: “Silver lining here for The One: By alienating both righties and lefties, he’s finally fulfilled the promise of post-partisanship from Campaign 2008. Great work, champ!”

Having read the reviews, I think I can give the presser five stars without yet seeing it.  Must see TV.

I just do not understand the coronation of Obama by the media and the left (I repeat myself, natch) as the greatest orator of all time.  He reads a pretty good speech, but that’s about it.  Once he is off teleprompter, and especially once he is off message, Obama’s diction is almost as bad as W’s, and the things he says are far more self-destructive.

I guess this post is turning into a bit of a round-up.

UPDATE V: Peter Wehner at Commentary: “He Has Met the Enemy, and They Are Him.” 

Actually, I think everyone who doesn’t just fall in line with the Administration is the enemy. 

Fundamentally, the President thinks he knows better than you, and me, and everyone else.  About everything.  As a result, Obama gets monumentally frustrated when he doesn’t get his way, and he lashes out at those who would thwart his goals.

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