Colorado Beer Wars To Heat Up Again

In Colorado, we have two different categories for retail beer sales.  Liquor stores can sell full strength beer, while convenience and grocery stores for the most part can only sell low alcohol 3.2 beer, meaning beer with an alcohol content of about 3.2%. 

The Denver Post reports that “[t]he 2011 legislative session will see the fourth attempt by convenience-store owners to abolish rules that prohibit them from selling anything but low-alcohol beer.”  Their previous attempts have been blocked by lobbying from liquor stores and microbreweries. 

In response, convenience stores have been pushing for enforcement of rules that prohibit bars and liquor stores from selling low alcohol beers.  “Even brewpubs that make low-alcohol beer technically aren’t allowed to let patrons drink it on the premises, said Laura Harris, head of Colorado’s liquor enforcement division.”

I have an idea.  We let convenience and grocery stores sell whatever kind of beer they want to sell.  And we let bars and liquor stores sell whatever kind of beer they want to sell.  Then we let beer drinkers decide where they want to buy their beer. 

Government should protect competition by providing a level playing field.  It should not be regulating the market to protect breweries (or anyone else) from competition.  It should just stay out of the way.

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