Howdy And A Smattering Of Good Stuff From The Blogospere

Sorry for the sporadic blogging.  I am back in Boise once again for the day job.  I am hoping to catch up on things and post a few comments here and there, but it may be tough for a few days. 

Meanwhile, a few links that made me smile and/or grimace after a hard days’ billin’ to protect The Man.*

Dave in Texas, writing from his usual perch at Ace’s place, responds to the Democrats’ new “it was just the messaging” offensive in his characteristic pithy style: “The message we heard from Democrats was ‘fuck you’, and the response from the voters was ‘Oh, were you finished? Well, allow us to retort.”‘  And retort they did.

Jonathan Tobin at Commentary Contentions reminds us that the Palestinian authorities are dictatorial theocratic assholes and local “human rights” groups are hypocritical anti-Israeli assholes by noting that the former have imprisoned, and the latter are ignoring, a Palestinian blogger who is being held incommunicado for “creat[ing] Facebook pages skewering Islam and promoting atheism.”  Where are all the Western lefties?  Right, too busy filing lawsuits over manger scenes in town squares in Iowa. 

Glenn Reynolds Instalanches the smackdown of an idiot blogger.  No, not me.  Note to self — don’t fuck with The Instapundit.

Via Hot Air, we receive a timely reminder that the face-for-radio members of the new Republican majority may imperil their newly won majority by pulling a Clinton.

 Via Real Clear Politics, we read that Michael Graham wants Janet Napolitano to try out the new airport scanners.  For the love of God, classify the video Top Secret.

Back at home in Colorado, the state key is revealed.  Seriously:

The key is made of three ounces of of 14-karat yellow gold, one ounce of 18-karat yellow gold, 1.5 ounces of sterling silver, 2.6 carats of yellow sapphires, 2.7 carats of blue sapphires, 4.75 and carats of round brilliant diamonds.

An expensive trinket that doesn’t accomplish anything?  Let’s name it “high speed rail.”

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