The Pressing Need For An Honest Broker

Ace has a loooong post about the death penalty, DNA, and a guy named Claude Jones, about whom MSNBC says “[a] DNA test on a strand of hair has cast doubt on the guilt of a Texas man who was executed 10 years ago during George W. Bush’s final months as governor for a liquor-store robbery and murder.”  It is an interesting post and worth reading on all of those issues.

But I was most struck by the ending, which segues into a different topic to make a point about the original one:

The other day I was thinking about bluefin tuna. Instapundit linked an article indicating they were overfished and in danger.

It occurred to me that what we really need is a conservative-run environmental group. Why? Because I just don’t believe environmentalists. I think they have agendas and etc. I think they make stuff up to advance those agendas.

On the other hand– I don’t want the bluefin tuna to be overfished. Not because I love the fish (it’s just a fish) but because, well, we want these guys to remain on earth in good numbers.

In other words, I support environmental goals — I just have no faith in the people pushing this crap on me. I want an honest broker who can tell me things, after expert analysis, stuff like, “The snail darter isn’t in danger but the bluefin tuna is, so yes, take that latter report seriously. Ignore the claims about the former.”

I just saw a petition calling for the end of commercial whaling, because one type of whale is about to go extinct. Is that true? If it’s true, I care. If it’s not true — well, honestly, I still care, because I’m not a fan of whale-hunting even if they have nice healthy numbers, but it wouldn’t be something I would think should be addressed by a major push to get Iceland and Japan to stop whaling.

Again, I need an honest broker. Someone watching out for this stuff who isn’t going to give me a big snowjob.

My thoughts exactly. 

I don’t trust environmentalists, warm-mongering scientists, green industry lobbyists, and the like.  They have as much of an agenda as any other industry — and billions of dollars in grants or tax incentives are a nice motive to shade the truth — but they are treated in the media as if they are pristinely innocent, selfless, and trustworthy. 

This motive is coupled by fraud committed by environmentalists.  DDT is a good example.  It is nasty stuff, but it appears that it is mostly bad news for mosquitos.  I don’t think it is worth sacrificing millions of African children to malaria based on the weak evidence of possible environmental problems it may cause along with the deaths of billions of mosquitos.  But that is what we have done, based on over-hyped, under-challenged hysteria by environmental crusaders, who often have a much bigger agenda.

Climate change is the latest and greatest example.  So far, alarmists appear to be wrong about almost everything.  Their models don’t work, their predictions are not coming true, and yet they continue to call for ever-greater funding, taxation of industry and energy, and systemic changes to the global economy, while calling for the jailing of dissenters who have the audacity to suggest that maybe we should wait to spend untold trillions until the science really is settled.

It would be nice to have a skeptical honest broker to rely on.  Fortunately, the new media, see the post below, are providing what the old media refuse to give us.  Thank you, skeptics.

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