The High Cost Of Government Run By People Beholden To Public Employees

Deroy Murdock at National Review Online reminds us of scary graphs documenting three important things to remember this election season: (1) the insane complexity that Obamacare is going to inject into our healthcare system if it is allowed to stand, (2) the massive increase in federal employment over the past two years, and the disparity of wages and benefits between those who live off tax dollars and those who provide them.

According to the Heritage Foundation, since 2008 nearly 200,000 employees have been added to the federal payrolls:

Second Chart 

Remember this when the Democrats screech that cutting back on federal employment will leave the streets awash in human wreckage and barbarians climbing the (nonexistent) gates.  Were things really so much worse in, say, 2007, when we had at least 200,000 fewer federal employees?  The question answers itself.

Now take a look at the chart regarding government-employee compensation:

Third Chart

If we combine the two charts, we see that, in salary and benefits, the additional federal employees alone have increased the cost of government by over $24 Billion per year in less than two years (198,100 x $123,049 = $24,376,006,900).  Of course, these people have to have something to do, so the actual cost to the private sector will be far beyond just the cost of paying salaries and benefits.

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