It’s (Almost) Party Time

I am a bit late to the party, with my travel the last couple of days and all, but this is too much fun not to comment on. 

The other day, Sarah Palin told a crowd not to “party like it’s 1773 yet,” and the ever-vigilent left pounced, declaring her (once again) to be an idiot.  See here, for a sample.  By the way, among the pouncers are such luminaries of the neutral media as PBS’s Gwen Ifil.

But here’s a hint, Palin was talking to a Tea Party crowd.  She has been talking to lots of Tea Party crowds in the run-up to the mid-term elections.  “[U]mmm,” to quote Gwen Ifil, when, perchance, did the Boston Tea Party happen to take place?  Perhaps 1773?  Bingo!   The Boston Tea Party  was a party that took place in 1773.  Get it?

So by declaring Palin to be an idiot, the lefty blogosphere (and Ifil) accomplished nothing more than demonstrating their historical ignorance.  I really don’t expect the lefty blogosphere (or Ifil) to have much more knowledge of American history than, say, President Obama.  If they knew history they would likely have slightly different political beliefs. 

But they all have access to Google and Wikipedia.  Willful ignorance is worse than the ignorance that comes naturally from securing yourself inside a comfortable bubble of like-minded folk.

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