Timely Reminder About The U.S. Chamber And Political Contributions

I got as worked up as anyone about the Obama Administration and other Democrats’ dumb and offensive decision to select the U.S. Chamber as their latest boogeyman to attack and demonize, especially given their lack of any evidence whatsoever to substantiate their charges. 

But before we all get carried away and send the Chamber a bunch of money, it is a good time to heed the advice of Michelle Malkin, who reminds us that the U.S. Chamber is generally pro-business but not always right:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is one of the staunchest promoters of amnesty and joined with the AFL-CIO/ACLU to oppose immigration enforcement measures. They oppose E-verify and sued Arizona over its employer sanctions law.

The Chamber supported TARP, the auto bailout, and the stimulus.

The Chamber is supporting a pro-Obamacare, pro-TARP, pro-card check, pro-stimulus, pro-amnesty Democrat in Arizona over his free-market GOP challenger.

The Chamber is a special interest group that is more likely to support policies favored by a sub-set of incumbent businesses rather than policies that push toward a free-enterprise market that is conducive to the creation and expansion of commercial enterprises in general.  A more free-enterprise environment leads to more competition, which is good for innovation, consumers, and the economy in general, but often not so good for incumbent businesses if they are slow to adapt.  See Blockbuster v. Netflicks. 

So if you have money to burn this cycle, Michelle is right — give it directly to local candidates who support policies you prefer instead of national organizations whose goals may diverge from yours.

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