Rape Victim, Who Works On Rape Victim Awareness, Disputes Democrats’ Charge That Buck Is Insensitive To Rape Victims

In a coordinated effort, several liberal groups, including ProgressNow, the misnamed Colorado Independent, the Huffington Post, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, have recently combined forces to attack Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck as insensitive to women. 

The attack is based on an audiotape made in 2005 that they obtained and released to the media, which contains a recording of Weld County District Attorney Buck explaining to an alleged date-rape victim why he wasn’t going to prosecute her case.  Among other things, Buck told the woman that her prior relations with the alleged attacker, including the fact that she had a miscarriage while pregnant with his child, would likely be used by defense counsel against her if she pursued the charges.

Writing at the Denver Post’s The Spot blog, Chuck Plunkett reported that both the Boulder District Attorney and the Greeley police chief reviewed the case and agreed that it could not be won.  That alone should be enough to end the matter. 

Buck apparently made an informed decision backed by other professionals, including a female fellow District Attorney, and then explained the basis for the decision to the alleged victim.  Attacking that decision for political purposes is slimy.

But today, Plunkett introduces us to the courageous Kimberly Corban and reveals just how slimy the attack really is.

Ms. Corban was the rape victim in a case that Buck’s office successfully prosecuted.  This is what Ms. Corban has to say about Ken Buck:

“(Buck) is very, very compassionate and understanding about these issues, and that’s why it’s so hard to see these harsh comments being made, because I know how he sees these cases,” Kimberly Corban tells me, adding that she plans to vote for him.

“As someone who fought for me, fought for my family, and as someone I’ve watched fight for other victims, I am excited to know that he is running and I know he will be a strong advocate as a senator,” Corban says.

Plunkett also reports that although Buck did not try Ms. Corban’s case, he was very much involved.  Buck met with Corban early on, he met with the police about the case, he selected the deputy district attorneys who tried the case, and he remained involved with pre-trial strategy during the prosecution.

Oh, and Buck also still stays in touch with Ms. Corban.  They “sometimes work together on university campus panels to discuss rape prevention and rape victim awareness.”

Finally, as described previously, Buck had consulted then-Boulder D.A. Mary Lacy about the 2005 date-rape case, who agreed that the case couldn’t be won.  As a result of that coordination,

Buck worked with Lacy’s office to establish a so-called Sexual Assault Review Team to help develop expertise in both working with victims and winning cases.

The Weld County District Attorney’s office also developed a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program, which helps train police and emergency room doctors and nurses to deal with rape victims.

The program seeks to make sure that police responding to rape victims know how to get them to medical staff quickly and removed from the general ER population. And staff members are better prepared to both handle the victim with sensitivity, but also to better prepare evidence for trial.

Yet desperate liberals are smearing Ken Buck with the false charge that he is insensitive to women in general and rape victims in particular.  Stay classy, Democrats. 

I have a feeling the effort is about to backfire.

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  1. Well done! Michael Bennet will be victimized by his lies and deceptive attempts to remain in Washington!

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