Michael Bennet Continues To Avoid Saying He Would Support Card Check, While It Continues To Be Clear That He Would

In the Colorado Senate race, appointed Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet has long avoided giving an answer to the simple question of whether he supports “card-check” legislation. 

The core of card check legislation would effectively eliminate the secret-ballot in workplace unionization elections in favor of having employees check a box on a card — without a guarantee of privacy — saying they support forming a union.  Obviously, eliminating the privacy of the vote is the key here, since it would allow union organizers to exert, ahem, influence over employees as they vote. 

At one point, Bennet dodged the question by saying that “[t]here currently is no [card check] bill before the Senate.”  On another occasion, he avoided taking a position by saying that he was not a sponsor of the legislation and the bill as written would not come up for a vote.  Obviously, these were not exactly courageous positions.

The Denver Business Journal now reports (incorrectly) that Bennet came out against the card check legislation at the Senatorial debate on October 11.  Nonsense.  Bennet dodged the question a third time, saying “I believe strongly in the right of workers to collectively bargain free from intimidation, but I would not support the current language.”

Fine, Bennet “would not support the current language.”  So what?  All the bill needs is a tweak or two and Bennet can, consistent with his answer but not the impression he conveyed, vote for the concept that employees should not be allowed to vote on unionization by secret ballot. 

Given Bennet’s pattern of evasive answers, it is clear that he would find a way to vote in favor of this job-killing, union-entrenching affront to a fundamental requirement for free and democratic elections.

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  1. […] about numerous issues, he gives misleading answers intended to hide his views from voters.  See here, and here, and here.  Where is a guy like that going to find a spine?  If he found one, Bennet […]

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