U.S. Chamber VP — Obama’s Gone From Hope’n’Change to Fear’n’Smear

The U.S. Chamber is now fully engaged and fighting back.  Not smart for the Obama Administration to go on the attack in such a clumsy and uninformed way.  Once again, Obama and Co. have picked a fight they just cannot win — since they are both wrong on the facts and hypocritical — and in the process further diminish the ever-vanishing President.  Typical, but not smart.

UPDATE: I watched the interview again, and Chambers VP of Government Affairs Bruce Josten really nails it.  Very direct, forceful, and responsive to the questions posed to him — the anti-Gibbs. 

Josten even answered the “why not reveal donors” question by reminding people of lefty harassment of detractors during the healthcare debate and the fact that the Democrats exempted unions and the AARP (along with the NRA) when they crafted disclosure legislation.  It is beyond me why the Obama Administration thought wading into this was a good idea.

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