New Poll: Women Think Obama Is A Failure Too

Not much of a surprise, really.  Across the board, women view Obama’s signature “achievements” as failures:

A majority of women, however, see it as a failure, according to a new poll conducted by Kellyanne Conway for The Kitchen Cabinet, a conservative women’s group.

* * *

Fifty-six percent of women consider the health care reform law a failure, while 29 percent view it as a success, according to the poll.

The economic stimulus package is viewed only slightly more favorably: 53 percent say it was a failure, while 34 percent say it was a success.

Like I said, not much of a surprise.  Just about everyone else is unhappy with his performance so why not women as well?

But women voters were key to Obama’s success in the 2008 election.  In 2008, women voted 56% for Obama to 43% for McCain, a very good margin, while men split their votes down the middle, 49% Obama to 48% McCain.  Winning the gender gap was therefore very important in securing the presidency.

It will be interesting to see if more Democrats start wondering out loud whether Hillary Clinton should be Obama’s running mate in 2012, replacing Joe Biden, in an attempt to shore up support among women.  I expect that many will, although more among the commentariat than among active politicians. 

I also expect Clinton to disavow any desire to seek the Vice Presidency on the Obama ticket. I even think the disavowals will be sincere (or at least as sincere as a Clinton can be).  After all, why would she want to join the sinking ship after it is half-filled with water and life boats are looking scarce? 

It will be more interesting still if, as I expect they will, some dissatisfied liberal  commentators start talking about the prospects for a Clinton primary run if the mid-term elections turn out to be the Democratic Waterloo most are expecting and Obama starts to look incapable of turning things around.  The ever more shrill White House response should be interesting to watch if that happens.

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