Liberal Anthropologists And The Tea Party

Roger Kimball has a great post up regarding a phenomenon I have commented on before — the annoying tendency of liberals to try to psychoanalyze those who disagree with them as if they are studying a primitive tribe from darkest Flyoverstan. 

The context is Kimball’s review of book reviews by Alan Brinkley of recent publications regarding the Tea Party movement.  My favorite part:

But the really jarring element about Mr. Brinkley’s report is its arrogant psychologizing, which is another thing that underscores  its de-haut-en-bas smarminess: “We should not,” he writes, “be surprised that so many Americans are angry. Almost four decades of growing inequality have left most of them [them?] no better off than they were in 1970, and many worse off.” Hence, you see, the natives are restless.  Mr. Brinkley and the two amateur anthropologists he reviews are eager to explain that anger, to encompass and defuse it.  They’re angry — why? Because of Obama’s socialist takeover of  health care?  Because of his incontinent spending that will be a burden for generations?  Because of Obama’s “world tyrants tour,” in which he jetted around the world to cry “mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” about the supposed sins of the United States?  About the prospect of crippling rises in tax rates? About the pseudo-environmentalist attack on business and productivity? Because of the perversion of the Constitution and the freedom it guaranteed?

No, no, none of that. People are angry, according to Mr. Brinkley and his civilized authorities,  because they realize that “the recklessness and greed of much of the financial world — the principal causes of the crisis — have done far more damage than taxes or the deficit.”

It really does seem that Brinkley barely understands the natives’ language, much less its culture, concerns, or motivations. 

The financial crisis sucked, but it is what the crisis revealed, far more than its cause, that people are angry about.

The crisis revealed a financial system in which regulators — I’m looking at you, Barney Frank — and lenders worked together to create an environment in which reckless lending and borrowing was not just allowed, but encouraged. Once the system crashed, reckless lenders and borrowers were bailed out, regulators continued the same failed policy of government-backed lending, and responsible homeowners and taxpayers were left paying the bill.

The crisis revealed that President Obama is not the post-partisan healer he promised to be; that he is instead a partisan Democrat with a radical agenda intent on using the crisis to regulate everything from our healthcare to our salt intake. 

The crisis revealed that President Obama is so out of touch, inexperienced, and economically illiterate that his primary solution to the crisis was to simply ask the Democrats in Congress to spend a Trillion or so of borrowed tax dollars on anything — just about anything Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could dream up — adding more to the national debt in just 19 months than all U.S. Presidents from George Washington through George W. Bush, combined.

The crisis revealed that President Obama is more interested in wealth confiscation and redistribution than wealth creation.

People are angry because President Obama and his cohorts in Congress used the crisis as an excuse to attempt to ram down the throats of the public a radical agenda that was not directed at solving the crisis and getting people back to work, but instead was intended to re-shape the economy into a union paradise characterized by government control and green energy rather than entrepreneurial spirit.  

So most of all, people are angry because the crisis revealed that the medicine President Obama and the Democrats want to inflict on the nation to cure its ills is, almost literally, the application of leeches.

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  1. Harry is so desperate he is THREATENING the voters in Nevada. SHOCKING story at:

    Peace! 🙂

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