Could The Colorado Governor’s Race get Any More Embarassing (For Republicans)?

Yes it can! 

The gang at Peoples Press Collective dug up some pictures from December 2009 showing Republican contender sure loser Dan Maes collecting cash donations in a burlap sack with a sticker of his name stuck to it.  In the comments, there is a debate over whether any campaign finance rules were violated, but that’s not really the point.

The Maes campaign is cratering, and virtually no one not named “Maes” thinks this guy is fit for the job.  He might be a great person, I don’t know.  But I do not think he has what it takes to govern a fairly large state.  Moreover, lots of other people agree with me. 

Grassroots candidates do not have to be perfectly polished; a few rough edges are fine.  Take, for example, Ken Buck.  But you have to at least have to be taken seriously to have a shot at winning.  Maes is no longer taken seriously, and pictures of him standing around collecting donations in a burlap sack don’t exactly help.  They positively scream “unprofessional.” 

Just pull the plug, Dan.

Via Complete Colorado.

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  1. Peter Boyles and staff dug up the images from archives of PPC. To state it as you did makes it sound as though PPC is going after Dan.

  2. I disagree with your interpretation, and I have no reason to suspect that the PPC is gunning for Dan Maes. But the point of my post has nothing to do with the PPC’s intent.

    The point is that, now after so much other stuff has moved to the forefront of the discussion about the Maes candidacy — some fair and accurate, some not fair and inaccurate — pictures of the candidate standing around with a burlap sack taking cash donations looks kind of pathetic and raises issues of compliance with campaign finance rules he just doesn’t need. Maes has irretreivably lost control of the narrative and the optics of the burlap sack are terrible.

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