Obama’s Enemies List

I have recently read several comments about President Obama and his Administration’s personal attacks on various figures, groups, or companies over the past 20 months.  The entire list of bogeymen Obama has called out by name personally or through his proxies is incredibly long.

So I thought I would try to round up a few of the enemies on the list, with a quick recap of how each earned its position, in no particular order:

1. Rush Limbaugh (and talk radio in general) — For being a successful advocate for conservative positions.

2.  John Boehner — Who?  Oh, yeah, the House Minority Leader.  For opposing the Obama agenda (and using too much self-tanner).

3.  Sarah Palin — For having the audacity to run for Vice President with little more qualifications than Obama.

4.  FoxNews — For not being Obama’s lap-dog.

5.  BP — For causing a mess that the Obama Administration hadn’t the slightest idea how to fix.

6.  John Roberts — For the Citizens United case.

7.  Karl Rove — For, most recently, “stealing our democracy” using foreign funds.

8.  Wall Street — For the economy.

9.  Insurance Companies — For opposing Obamacare.

10.  Doctors — For amputating body parts so they can get collect reimbursement checks.

11.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce — For, most recently, “stealing our democracy” using foreign funds.

12.  Tea Partyers — For crashing The One’s hope’n’change party.

13.  Anyone making more than $250,000/year — For not wanting to pay more taxes.

14.  Bondholders — For standing in the way of the GM and Chrysler takeovers.

15.  Newspapers who didn’t endorse Obama — For not endorsing him (in the final days of the 2008 campaign, reporters from three newspapers that endorsed McCain were kicked off from the Obama campaign bus shortly after the endorsements were made).

16.  Pres. George W. Bush — For everything.

This can’t be all of them, but it is certainly an impressive enemies list for a President only halfway through his first term.  As things get worse for this not-very-presidential President, I expect that the personalization of his  attacks will only increase.

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