Dems’ Latest Attack Ad Appears To Have Badly Misfired

Under Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, the only thing the Democrats have to run on this year are made-up bogey-men, whether by painting Republican candidates as “too extreme” or now this ad making “the totally unsubstantiated charge that the Chamber of Commerce is taking money from foreign interests and using it to ‘steal our democracy.'”

 This is a bad idea, poorly executed. 

As of this morning, the lead on the story is that when asked by Bob Schieffer (of CBS, not the dreaded FoxNews!) on Sunday if he had proof to support the claim, David Axelrod said something to the effect of “Proof?  We don’t need no stinking proof.”  That is because, according to Axelrod, the Chamber of Commerce hasn’t offered any prove that it isn’t true.

Axelrod knows the difficulty of proving a negative.  That is how “truther” idiots can still run around claiming that 9/11 was an inside job — Bush hasn’t proven he wasn’t part of it, now did he?  Making an unsupported charges such as this and then demanding proof that they are false is knowingly dishonest.

The Obama faithful think they can get away with baseless inflammatory charges and not be called on it because their campaign claims have never really been challenged in the media.  But that was 2008. 

We are now in 2010, and people are actually questioning the Obama team and its positions for pretty much the first time.  People have lost faith in Obama and his team, and they can no longer get away with inventing bogey-men and attacking them.

That is why I think this is such a big mistake.  Obama ran on running a different kind of administration.  He ran on reaching across party lines and working together to solve problems.  That was a big part of the bill of goods he sold to voters, and a lot of them bought it.

But as soon as Obama ran into difficulty accomplishing his radical agenda, Obama and Co. quickly turned and showed their true stripes.  Now, anyone who does not offer full-throated support is declared to be an enemy, not just of Obama itself but America. and “working Americans.”  The practically have a Nixonian enemies list composed of a huge swath of America, including tea partiers, Wall Street, insurance companies, and now the Chamber of Commerce.

Each new charge appears less believable than the last.  Are people really going to believe that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has some nefarious foreign secret agenda in mind when it supports Republican candidates after being pummeled by the Obama Administration’s policies and rhetoric for 20 months?  It is much easier to believe that the Chamber finds Obama’s policies to be harmful to business, and therefore jobs and the economy. 

So people are not going to believe the charge.  And by attacking business interests in such a heavy-handed, implausible, and apparently baseless manner, the Obama Administration further cements the view that it is fundamentally anti-business. 

When the economy is locked in the doldrums, the stock market is flatlining, and unemployment remains stubbornly high, being anti-business is a terrible idea.  More and more people are coming to the conclusion that we need to help business people so that we all succeed, not attack it them every turn.  Unfortunately, Obama isn’t one of them.  Ads such as this one make that clear.

Via Real Clear Politics.


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