Michelle Obama Hits The Campaign Trail; Expect Her To Say Something Revealing About Her True Thoughts About “Ordinary Americans”

Michelle Malkin has a post up today regarding Michelle Obama’s anticipated campaign push.  As Ms. Malkin notes, we can expect to see two Michelle Obama’s on the campaign trail:

Two first ladies will hit the campaign trail for Democrats this month: Michelle Obama, champion of ordinary Americans, and Michelle Obama, money-grubber for the liberal elite. The actions of the second Michelle will tell you all you need to know about the lip service of the first.

I agree with Michelle — Malkin, that is.  I don’t think either of the Obamas relates to or connects particularly well with ordinary folks, particularly those of us in flyover country. 

I also think that sending Michelle Obama out to campaign is pretty risky, as she will have plenty of opportunities to wander off script, particularly  during her fund-raising liaisons with the liberal elite.  As I have written before, Michelle Obama has a habit of saying not very nice things when she is on the campaign trail.  It will be interesting to see whether she can stay on script and avoid revealing her true thoughts about those who disagree with her and her husband’s policies.

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