Ken Buck Is Polling Well In Colorado’s Senate Race

The Denver Post reports that its first Denver Post/ 9News general-election poll found a 5 point lead for Republican challenger Ken Buck over appointed democratic incumbent Michael Bennet, with Buck leading 48 percent to 43 percent.  More importantly, the Post notes that independent voters currently favor Buck by a 5-to-3 margin, and only 1 percent of voters are undecided in the Senate race.

The margin among independents is important because it shows that the nasty false and misleading attack ads being run against Buck on high rotation, which are attempting to paint Buck as “too extreme for Colorado” are failing to have their intended effect.  Moreover, I think it is likely that more independents and others who want to throw the bums out will show up to vote than those who prefer the status quo with the Democrats in charge.  Thus, this 5/3 split will likely improve to Buck’s advantage in the actual voting.

The mere 1 percent undecided is also important, because it indicates that the attack ads have failed to move the needle and are not likely to move it much in the last month before the election.  All in all, the numbers are encouraging.

UPDATE: Rasmussen has Buck over Bennet 50%/45% in its latest poll, with 4% undecided.  Rasmussen polls likely voters instead of adults or registered voters, and has been very accurate the last few cycles.

Update via Complete Colorado.

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