Federal Funding For Prostate v. Breast Cancer Shows Us How Obamacare Will Allocate Healthcare Resources

The Daily Caller notes the plethora of pink ribbons, fundraisers, and October awareness events surrounding breast cancer, and the striking disparity between breast cancer and prostate cancer when it comes to such matters.  The two diseases effect and kill similar numbers of people each year, with breast cancer mostly impacting women, and prostate cancer effecting only men. 

Women have been much more effective in rallying support for their cause through awareness events, charity runs, and other fundraisers.  That is great.  They should be applauded for their efforts to fight a terrible disease.  And to the extent that their efforts result in increased funding for breast cancer research — including funding from private foundations — so be it.

But I have a problem with this:

In fiscal year 2009, breast cancer research received $872 million worth of federal funding, while prostate cancer received $390 million. It is estimated that fiscal year 2010 will end similarly, with breast cancer research getting $891 million and prostate cancer research receiving $399 million.

Federal medical research dollars should never be allocated by identity politics or lobbying, so that a less-organized group suffers by comparison to one with more political clout.  Imagine the outcry if the case were reversed, and a disease that targeted women were to receive hundreds of millions of dollars less in federal funding each year than a disease that effected a similar number of men. 

Yet that is clearly what is happening here.  Why?  Politics certainly plays a very significant role. 

The more we concentrate power over medical funding decisions in the hands of politicians, the more politics will pay a role in who or what gets funded.  Favored constituencies will receive more funding than they otherwise should; disfavored will receive less. 

Welcome to Obamacare.

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