Dems — Putting The Lame Into “Lame Duck”

Ed Morrissey reports that John Conyers wants to investigate “mischief” by Karl Rove after the November elections.

Is there anything more lame than this?  Conyers and his party are going to take a shellacking in the upcoming election, so it must be all about Karl Rove’s nefarious efforts.  Therefore, the Democrats must demand a Congressional “re-investigation” of him.   

Let’s sum this up: Karl Rove participates in the political process to some effect.  So the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee suggests that his efforts be investigated, with no proof — or even a suggestion — that Rove has done anything wrong.  None.  Zero. Zilch. 

Rove just happens to support the party that is out of power, so a powerful member of the party in power wants to use government resources to “investigate” his activities.  Where are the ACLU and other so-called civil libertarians?  I know, I know.

Anyway, great use of your time and our money, guys.

It could be worse, I guess.  The Democrats could instead try to use the lame duck session to pass more of the radical agenda that is going to get so many of them thrown out in November. 

But this is part of a disturbing pattern.  The left loves the Constitution where it can be used by judicial activists to advance their agenda, such as gay marriage, abortion, stopping Christmas displays on public property, and so on. 

But the left views the Constitution as simply a tool to be used to advance that agenda, not as a check of any kind on the power of government that they disfavor. 

That is why the left thinks it is simply bizarre that Christine O’Donnell thinks she should consider whether something is constitutional when voting for or against legislation, and the entire Democrat congressional delegation thinks it is appropriate for the government to force everyone to buy insurance, and Elena Kagan thinks it is perfectly natural for the government to tell us what to eat.

So of course the government should use its powers to investigate Rove’s participation in the political process.  But God forbid anyone suggest such an investigation into Al Sharpton or George Soros.  THAT would be an outrageous attempt to stifle speech.

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