Who Are The Real Extremists?

As we head into the November elections, the Democrats are trying to hold onto Congress (and some Republicans are trying to discredit upstart outsiders) by painting tea party backed candidates as extremist crazies, Andrea Tanataros makes an important point.  The gang in power — including lots of Republicans party elites — have been acting in a manner that has been extremely destructive to our present and future:

But Rove, George W. Bush and many incumbents, including President Obama, are the reason we even have the Tea Party movement. Bush ran up deficits. Obama quadrupled them. To many disgruntled conservatives, Rove was behind Bush in giving us open borders, tax cuts that expire, Medicare Part D and busted budgets.

The current alternative from the left is even more cuckoo to voters: higher taxes, a new health care regime, more rights for terrorists, disregard for immigration law and constant apologies to other countries. Now that’s nuts.

So, with mud on their faces, both sides of the aisle are trying to shred the personal credibility of the outsiders. They’ve blasted O’Donnell for not liking porn and blasted Paladino for liking it too much. They call O’Donnell a liar in a year when the Democratic Senate candidate from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, lied about serving in Vietnam, and Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters face serious ethics charges.

Make no mistake: Paladino’s racist and lewd email forwards were disgusting and wrong. But his message is right: New York is financially broken. The porn we should worry about the most is the screwing we’ve gotten from Albany and Washington, something that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo and other career politicians have no intention of fixing.

And although the outsiders aren’t guaranteed victory, democracy has already won. Both Republicans and Democrats need to beware: The outsiders have broken into the institution of politics and cannot be ignored. After all, what’s so crazy about restoring power to the people and a mandate to throw all of the big government bums out? In our current state of affairs, it sounds like the right kind of folly.

There is something both nerve-wracking and comforting in seeing candidates who are not sanitized and pre-packaged by the party establishment gain nominations in the Republican party.  That is not to say that it will result in nothing by sunshine and roses.  It can and will produce some candidates who say stupid things or have extreme views on certain topics. 

For example, Ken Buck’s joke about not wearing high heels was ill-advised (although in context it was clearly not intended to be sexist), and I very much disagree with his absolutist position on abortion.  But so what?  Like most people, I am not a single issue voter.  What I want is someone I agree with in general, and someone I trust to do what he says he will do.

Unlike Michael Bennet, Buck’s commitment to the general principles of small government, lower taxes, and less spending is sincere.  Buck isn’t saying what he thinks voters want to hear right now, as Bennet is doing.  Buck actually appears to believe in these things, and I am confident he will act on those beliefs.  Bennet, on the other hand, found religion on federal spending just in time for the election season, and does not exhibit the zeal of a true convert.

We are indeed living in a messed up time  if candidates who believe in principles of small government, lower taxes, and less spending are considered extreme, while those who have quadrupled our debt, pushed for higher taxes, imposed a new health care regime over the objection of most of the country, and refused to secure our borders are thought to be mainstream.

This is a true grass roots phenomenon that the party elite on both sides of the aisle ignore or denigrate at their peril. 

Vis Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.

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