NJ Gov. Christie Shows Us How It’s Done, Again

I have never understood the idea, developed during the 2008 campaign, that Obama is one of the greatest orators of all time.  Sure, he has generally had pretty good delivery so long as he has a teleprompter, but that is only part of giving a good argument.  The far more important part is substance.  

Declaring that “[w]e are the ones we have been waiting for” doesn’t even make sense, much less provide a compelling argument.   Appealing to Hope’N’Change is similarly nonsensical.  We all hope for different things, and as Obama has now shown us, change isn’t always in the right direction. 

In the end, listening to or reading an Obama speech — full of soaring but meaningless rhetoric with the President turning back and forth between teleprompters like he’s watching a tennis match — just leaves me feeling empty.  It is like watching Entertainment Tonight — it looks and sounds OK, but it is gone as soon as I change the channel.  The show leaves nothing behind because it is about nothing more than looking and sounding good.  It has no substance.

Compare an Obama speech with this response to a statement by a disgruntled NJ teacher.  Gov. Christie engages his critic,  makes no effort to dodge the question, offers actual argument supported by specific facts and figures, speaks using in direct declarative statements, and does it all without a teleprompter or even notes.  For extra style points, Gov. Christie takes a moment to educate the teacher on acting like an adult when having an adult conversation before providing his substantive responding.

That is how you make and win an argument.  You don’t do it through gauzy rhetoric, mocking your critics, or setting up straw men to attack as we see with Obama.   You do it by marshalling facts and applying logic.  Obama’s failure to do so is why he is losing all of the substantive debates that come with governing.

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