Sen. Bennet Pivots On Stimulus Spending In An Attempt To Keep Re-election Hopes Alive

Lest we forget, Colorado’s Senator Michael Bennet voted in favor of President Obama’s initial $787 Billion stimulus plan in February of 2009.  In June of 2010, Sen. Bennet voted for another $80 Billion in failed stimulus spending.  More recently, Sen. Bennet admitted that we don’t have much to show for that massive borrowed spending. 

Now that the heat is on, Sen. Bennet is grandstanding on deficits when he knows it will make no difference whatsoever. 

Not long ago, Bennet proposed meaningless legislation requiring the deficit to be no more than 4 percent of GDP in 2012, then no more than 3 percent of GDP per year after that.  Bennet knew all along that the proposal never had a chance of passing, and even if it did pass, Obama would veto it. 

Now, Bennet is making a show of “breaking with” the President by opposing his latest $50 Billion stimulus boondoggle.  This position would be a good one if it were not spineless posturing.  But it is spineless posturing.  Sen. Bennet knows the Democrats are running scared before November and the latest desperate stimulus effort will not pass regardless of whether Bennet supports it.

Colorado voters should remember that Sen. Bennet supported the Obama Administration’s spending plans when it mattered.  Now, when it doesn’t matter, he is merely pretending to oppose them to save his own skin.

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  1. […] issues, he gives misleading answers intended to hide his views from voters.  See here, and here, and here.  Where is a guy like that going to find a spine?  If he found one, Bennet would use […]

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