Narcissistic Minister Of Mis-Named Church Persists With Plans For Quran Bonfire

The idiot Rev. Terry Jones of the mis-named Dove World Outreach Center  is persisting with his plan to initiate an “International Burn-a-Quran Day” next week, despite the protestations of religious leaders, government officials, and even the most revered man in America these days — now that the left has decided to embrace him after virtually accusing him of treason not so long ago — General David Petraeus.

It should go without saying that this guy is a class A jerk.  He is intentionally doing something that is extremely offensive to millions of people, most of whom have never done anything to him or the U.S.  Indeed, many adherents to the Muslim faith are Americans or our allies. 

The fact that some Muslims scream death to America, burn our flag, desecrate the Bible, persecute Jews, or blow themselves up to slaughter innocents is irrelevant.  It disgusts me to see idiots, foreign and domestic, burn the U.S. flag.  It appalls me that Arab countries don’t tolerate the practice of Christianity or Judaism.  It was a crime against religion, history, and art for the Taliban to destroy the ancient Buddhas of Bamyan.  But by burning the Quran, Rev. Jones is merely descending to the level of flag burners or worse to bring attention to himself and his pathetic flock of 50 misguided souls.

If soldiers in Afghanistan die as a result of this sorry spectacle, Rev. Jones will have earned his place in Hell, alongside their killers.

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