What Is Wrong With Me?

UPDATE:  These lunatics are now hugging it out.  Holy crap, they’re nuts.  Caroline calls B.S.  And so it begins.  Again. 

My wife is watching part II of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show.  OK, I am watching it with her.

The reunion show is the after-party, as it were, where these crazy women who hate each other get together and yell about how much they hate each other, with nattily-dressed polite young gay producer Andy Cohen trying to referee.  It is pretty damn compelling in a can’t-turn-away-from-the-train-wreck kind of way. 

I have watched most of the season (to the day I die will stand by my story that it was by compulsion), and it amazes me that these people would allow this stuff to be taped and played on national tv for all to enjoy.  Ordinarily, I have no problem with watching idiots self-destruct.  Your funeral and all that.  But these people all have kids.  What must they think?

Anyway, Danielle is freaking nuts, Caroline is an imperious self- (family-)absorbed pain in the ass, and Jacqueline is an idiot.  Then there’s Teresa.  She’s crazy and loving it.  I like that in a person.

I now feel like I need to take a shower.  Almost as much as after watching msnbc.

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