Too Little, Too Late

The Obama Administration is desperately trying to “pivot” away from meddling in healthcare, trying to re-invent Wall Street, suing Arizona over its border enforcement attempt, and obsessing about “green energy” to address the country’s economic woes in time for the November elections.  Even if Obama had a credible explanation as to how throwing yet another borrowed $50 Billion on the fire would help things, and he doesn’t, it’s too late. 

A huge majority — 69% — now think that the Obama Administration’s past attempts at intervention in the economy either accomplished nothing (at the expense of over $800 Billion) or have actually hurt the economy. 

We are now just eight weeks from the November elections.  Even if the Obama Administration could pass its latest stimulus boondoggle, and it seems doubtful, there is no way it would have any effect (other than on his handling of the deficit) until after the elections.

Moreover, the supposed need for further stimulus undermines the Administration’s “Recovery Summer” message, and reinforces the now cementing view that these guys have no idea what they are doing. 

Via Hot Air.

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