Obama’s Whining Again

The most coddled President in history is now complaining that his political opponents “talk about me like a dog.”  Really?  The person with the sharpest elbows in the political arena has long been Obama himself, who accuses everyone with which he disagrees of being in the pocket of special interests and wanting to sacrifice middle America to enrich themselves. 

Obama, by way of contrast, has been blessed with the adoration of sycophants in the media who only now are figuring out that their faith in Mr. Hope’n’Change was seriously misplaced.  Even now, however, Obama’s myriad failures are addressed with amazing civility and virtually no personal attacks. 

By way of contrast, let’s recall what many people on the left said about Obama’s predecessor.  George W. Bush was described as a monkey, accused of engaging in war crimes, and derided as stupid, idiotic, and maniacal.  Nevertheless, he never whined about it.  He acted like a President, not a spoiled, self-pitying child.

So if we are to talk about President Obama “like a dog,” what kind of dog is he?  A yappy, nippy (to all but its over-indulgent owner; in this instance, unions), but ultimately ineffectual little lap dog.

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