It’s The Agenda, Stupid*

Nate Silver asks “How Did Democrats Get Here?” in his blog today.  He then scratches his head, runs through a few possible contributors — the healthcare plan, bad luck with the oil spill, slow White House reactions — and ultimately concludes that “once you get past the premise that the state of the economy plays a large role (something that pretty much everyone would agree with), this is a difficult question to answer.”  Not so much.

Although there is no way to prove what caused the Democrats’ precipitous decline, evidence abounds.  In early 2009, the Democrats were riding high after taking the White House, house, and Senate.  They had lots of rope given the financial crisis, then they hanged themselves with it by pursuing a radical partisan agenda. 

The stimulus plan was an $800 Billion grab-bag of liberal pet projects, rammed through Congress with little thought or planning and no meaningful input from the Republican minority.  Its failure to do anything other than prop up profligate states and public employee unions to the detriment of private enterprise while running up massive debt was foreseeable (and foreseen by many), but the Administration ignored and attacked all critics.

The Administration then turned its attention to two things — massive government takeovers and increases to regulatory burdens.  Neither has any positive effect on employment or the economy; to the contrary, they are smothering economic growth.  But the agenda fits with the long-term political goal of Democrats to increase government influence over and control of private enterprise.

The Democrats pursued this agenda in the ugliest way possible.  Notwithstanding a solid majority in the House and 60 seats in the Senate, they could not keep enough of their own caucus together to force-feed their noxious swill to the country.  So they used parliamentary tricks to ram it down our throats then expected us to thank them for their efforts. 

That is how the Democrats squandered all of their goodwill with voters in record time.  It is not messaging, bad luck, or even the economy.  Those merely confirm what the Democrats’ agenda already make clear — the Democrats are incompetent, overbearing, and do not care what voters want.  They know better than us, and we should just accept the will of our betters. 

November will prove that this is not a popular approach with American voters.

*Apologies to James Carville for usurping his great line.

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