Ed Perlmutter On The Estate Tax

“We’re not England. We’re not into landed gentry. Just ’cause my grandfather did well doesn’t mean I’m entitled to a yacht. . . .  We all make it in this country on our own as best we can.”

So says Rep. Ed Perlmutter.  This is a very revealing comment. 

Rep. Perlmutter, you see, does not believe money earned belongs to the person who earned it.  The person who earned it is allowed to keep it for a period of time by the grace of the government.  At death, instead of going to that person’s family, wealth should be confiscated by the federal government so people like Rep. Perlmutter can decide what should be done with it.

Based on these comments, I assume that Rep. Perlmutter wants everyone in this country to make it on his or her own as best we can, right?  That would include teachers and other government employees being paid according to merit, the abolishment of tenure, government employees being subject to termination at will, opposition to unions, the elimination of subsidies to favored industries, such as “green manufacturers,” and so on.

But that is not what Rep. Perlmutter means.  He in fact means the opposite.  Rep. Perlmutter wants the estate tax to confiscate the wealth of those who made it on their own so the government can redistribute that wealth to people that Rep. Perlmutter deems more deserving.

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