Another One For The “Imagine The Outrage If A Bush Appointee Had Done It” File

Obama’s Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, urged Department of Education employees to attend Sharpton’s rally against Glenn Beck through an internal email sent to 4,000 federal employees.  As the man says:

“It sends a signal that activity on behalf of one side of a political debate is expected within a department. It’s highly inappropriate … even in the absence of a direct threat,” [David] Boaz [of the Cato Institute] said. “If we think of a Bush cabinet official sending an e-mail to civil servants asking them to attend a Glenn Beck rally, there would be a lot of outrage over that.”

Yep, the NYT/WaPo/CNN/MSNBC/NPR, etc. would have spent the rest of the week hand-wringing about how such abuse of power threatens the very fabric of the nation.  In this case, we’ll listen to crickets chirping instead.  Media bias is not only about how  stories are covered.  It is often about whether stories are covered at all.

There is no question that the Al Sharpton event was a political event largely aimed at supporting Obama and opposing Republicans and tea party supporters.  As such, it is highly inappropriate for the political appointees of the Obama Administration to suggest that other federal employees turn out to support it.

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