Global Warming Activists Beg For Respsect, While Staging Play Fights Wearing A Crab Suit

This is kind of sad, actually:

They put on what they called a “CarnivOil” – a fake carnival with a stilt-wearing barker, free “tar balls” (chocolate doughnuts), and a suit-wearing “oil executive” punching somebody dressed like a crab. It was supposed to be satire, but there was a bitter message underneath: When we fight the oil and gas industry, they win.

“We killed the clean-energy bill! There’s still no cap on oil spills!” yelled Heather Brutz, the barker, who was pretending to speak for the industry. “And now, for our graaaaaaand finale, we’re going to pass the diiiiiirty-air act!”

* * *

Every few minutes, there would be a fight. The person in the crab costume – said to be boxing on behalf of the environment – would take on the fake oil executive. Each bout followed the same script: The oil executive would bribe the referee, who would make the crab take off his boxing gloves.

Soon after, the crab would be lying on the mat, KO’d.

“Oh! The Earth is down! It’s taken too many hits!” yelled “ref” Scott Thompson. “Remember, folks, just like in the real world, big oil always gets the upper hand!”

Guys, you aren’t losing the global warming debate because of bribes, etc. by “Big Oil.”  In fact, in Washington the Obama Administration and Congress are desperately shoveling vast amounts of money into the pockets of “green industries” that compete with the oil industry and calling it “stimulus.”  The environmentalist/global warming movement — which is not synonymous with people who care for and want to protect the environment — are in fact losing the global warming debate in part because they refuse to engage in it.

The global warming movement declared the science settled, the debate over, and skeptics to be on par with Holocaust deniers.  They then asked for the entire economy to be remade overnight at a cost of trillions of dollars, millions of jobs, and the entirety of our competitive position in the world market. 

It turns out, however, that it is the university and government scientists who have been incessantly ringing the alarm bells — while happily collecting millions in research grants — who have been relying on faulty science, refusing to share their data, and even cooking the books to support an advocacy position rather than performing actual science. 

On top of that, the world has witnessed elaborate conventions attended by thousands of global warming activists arriving by private aircraft and tooling around in gas-guzzling limousines.  Making matters worse still, prominent activists such as Al Gore and James Cameron refuse to engage in debate, rely on hyperbole, falsehoods, and ad hominem attacks against skeptics, while living carbon-intensive lifestyles of the rich and famous. 

Global warming activists have squandered so much credibility that restoring it will be difficult, and it will take far more than street theater involving fake carnivals, stilt-wearing barker, and guys dressed up like crabs.  It will require rigorous science, intolerance for sloppy, manipulated, or faked data and models, and the good faith engagement of skeptics in debate. 

If environmentalists can prevail on the merits of the debate, they will advance their movement.   If not, and I see no signs that they will even try, the global warming agenda will remain dead in the water.

Via Ace of Spades HQ.

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