Sweet, Sweet Gridlock

David Harsanyi waxes eloquently at Real Clear Politics about my favorite condition of government.  Gridlock. 

If I had more confidence in our elected officials, I would probably prefer to have conservatives in control, at least if they were fiscal conservatives as opposed to the hard core social types.  But I don’t.  So the next best thing is gridlock. 

The best thing government can do is leave us all alone — secure the borders, protect the homeland and our interests abroad, then stay out of the way as much as you can, and thank us for giving you a job.  But the Bush II Administration proved that the impulse to do more is hard to resist.  They were a hell of a lot better than the current crowd, but they still expanded the size and cost of government.  If you are the hammer, it is tough to avoid seeing the world as a nail.

So if self-restraint is not in evidence among our political class, the next best thing is diffuse power.  The disastrous Obama Presidency would have been far less so (though not in the realm of foreign policy) if the Republicans controlled just one of the houses of Congress.  My preference has generally been for the President to be a Republican, the Senate to be in Republican control, and then the House can belong to the Democrats. 

As Harsanyi says, come November, “Republicans will have enough votes to prevent any more great leaps forward. Nothing of consequence will happen. And nothing could be better.”

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