Colorado’s Senator Bennet On The Campaign Trail — Not Exactly A Profile In Courage

Now he tells us: “Regarding spending during his time in office [Sen. Bennet] said, ‘We have managed to acquire $13 trillion of debt on our balance sheet’ and, ‘in my view we have nothing to show for it.'”  Maybe Senator Bennet  should have voted against some of that spending when he had the chance.  Instead, he voted for the Obama Administration’s measures that added massive amounts of debt to our balance sheet in record time.

“Regarding the expiration of the Bush tax cuts[,] Bennet would not commit to a position on whether to extend them simply saying, ‘I hope we look at it comprehensively.’”  In other words, he’s against extending them but afraid to say so. 

By “look[ing] at it comprehensively,” Bennet means he wants deficit reduction through higher taxes (if he wants deficit reduction at all).  The point of the Democrats’ “comprehensive” review of deficit reduction measures is to find a way to promise spending reduction while delivering tax increases.

“Bennet also received a question about whether he would support card check and declined to give a firm answer saying, ‘I have not been a sponsor of the employee free choice act and the bill as written will not come to the floor to a vote.'”  In other words, he’s in favor of it, but afraid to say so.

If you are in favor of higher taxes, Senator Bennet, just stand up and say it. If you are in favor of eliminating the secret ballot for unionization votes — that is what “card check” is, in effect — stand up and say so.  Don’t hide behind gibberish about bill sponsorship and voting procedures.

Bennet may not be a career politician, but he sure sounds like one.

UPDATE: Bennet’s comment regarding trillions in debt, “nothing to show for it” is being highlighted on Drudge.  That is not someplace you want your gaffes to be linked.

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  1. […] that “[t]here currently is no [card check] bill before the Senate.”  On another occasion, he avoided taking a position by saying that he was not a sponsor of the legislation and the bill as written would not come up […]

  2. […] he gives misleading answers intended to hide his views from voters.  See here, and here, and here.  Where is a guy like that going to find a spine?  If he found one, Bennet would use it to […]

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