Good Luck With That

Douglas Schoen gets it mostly right at the Daily Beast. 

There is a fundamental problem with the way President Obama has governed.

Since taking office, he has systematically put forth policies the American people do not want. The net result is a crisis of confidence and legitimacy in the American political system and our institutions.

But then there’s this:

Winning the votes of swing voters will require a bold new focus from the president and the Democratic Party. They must put forth a set of focused initiatives aimed at reducing the debt, and cutting spending, with an emphasis on tax cuts, fiscal stimulus, and a series of initiatives to stimulate and encourage job creation.

They must abandon their failed policies and adopt a bold new commitment to fiscal discipline and targeted fiscal stimulus of the private sector and entrepreneurship. Finally, they must accept the fact that only private enterprise can create jobs—more stimulus money is not the answer.

If the Obama administration is unable to change the widespread perception that it’s not interested in reducing spending, taxes, and regulatory burdens, the president’s hopes of winning re-election, as well as the Democrats’ prospects for success in this fall’s midterm elections, will disappear.

I hope so, because this kind of change ain’t gonna happen.  Obama & Co. aren’t interested in reducing spending, taxes, and regulatory burdens.  This isn’t just a “widespread perception.”  It is reality. 

The most the Democrats will do is say they want to reduce spending, taxes, and regulatory burdens.  The voters aren’t going to buy it a second time.

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