Attack Of The Dunn!

So screams the home page headline at The Daily Caller.  Anita Dunn is the former White House communications director who got the boot after her horribly-delivered speech to high schoolers extolling the virtues of Mao Zedong as a political philosopher came to light.  She also happens to be married to Robert Bauer, President Obama’s personal counsel.

According to Ms. Dunn, Republican opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque means the party is “solidifying its reputation for intolerance in this year, for almost any kind of difference in American society, is going down a very dangerous long term road,” and is “labeling all Muslims in this country as terrorists.”


I don’t think these sorts of over-the-top false attacks are going to resonate with anyone, especially when the President is flailing about trying to come up with his own position as to the Ground Zero Mosque weeks into the debate. 

And more importantly, a CNN poll released August 11 found that 68% opposed and just 29% supported the Mosque, which was favorably described as “being two blocks from the site in New York City where the World Trade Center used to stand.” 

Keep insulting the voters as dangerous bigots, Anita.  We’ll see where it gets you come November.

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