About! Face! — Betsy Markey Says She Is Running Like Hell To The Center

After supporting Obama’s disastrous agenda, Betsy Markey is now running toward the middle as fast as she can.   The Hill reports:

Colorado Rep. Betsy Markey wasn’t in Congress when the House voted on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act in October 2008. But to hear the freshman Democrat tell it, the passage of the bill, which 172 members of her party voted for, really “offend[s]” her.

“Maybe it’s my 20 years as a small-business owner, but these Wall Street bailouts really offend me,” she says in her first TV ad of the campaign. “No one ever gave me a bailout.”

“Bailout is just another word for cop-out,” she adds. “And here in Colorado, that’s not how we do business.”

Funny, she had no problem supporting the stimulus spend-a-thon or Obamacare tax-and-spend-a-thon.  She also voted for the recent irresponsible state budget bailout that shoveled another $23 Billion of your (borrowed) tax dollars to the teachers’ unions.

Indeed, according to the WaPo, “Betsy Markey has voted with a majority of [her] Democratic colleagues 94.0% of the time during the current Congress.”  Let’s not forget that in November.

That includes those of you who like where things have been going under the Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Markey crowd.  Both of you.

UPDATED: Removed the quotation marks around “irresponsible state budget bailout.”  Those were my words, and the quotation marks made that unclear.

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  1. No, Obama’s agenda has been excellent, he has gotten so much done! That’s why I, and most people support Markey.

  2. You are delusional. Obama’s approval rating is in the toilet, and Markey and every other vulnerable Democrat is running asd far from him as possible, as quickly as possible. It won’t work.

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