The One Guy At The White House I Expect To Work Harder Than Me Doesn’t

On the heels of the NYT story about how hard the poor dears at the White House are working, Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt (subscribe here) reminds us that the golfer-in-chief is taking time away from his busy schedule of attending White House parties with rock stars and meeting professional athletes to go on his fifth vacation since July — of 2010, and yes, it is now August — to spend ten days in Martha’s Vineyard. 

As Jim notes, the more time he spends screwing around the better from a policy perspective.  Although given his success rate, I would probably like to see Obama out campaigning a bit more. 

But when the official unemployment rate is better than 9.5%, and a bunch more people have left the work force on a more permanent vacation, you would think someone at the White House would tap The One on the shoulder and hint that perhaps he should rein it in a bit and try to look busy.  Maybe walk quickly around the office carrying a file (extra style points for stamping it “top secret”) with a stern look on his face. 

You would think that, but no:

In related news, “President Barack Obama is capping his birthday week with an afternoon of golfing on Saturday and a barbecue on Sunday.” That’s right: “birthday week.

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