Gov. Ritter Announces An Increase In Mortgage Brokers’ Fees

Not exactly.  Instead, “Gov. Bill Ritter named five members of a new mortgage broker oversight board today. . . .”  As night follows day, fees will increase to account for new regulation by the new board. 

I am not saying that the new regulation is necessarily bad (although I can say with assurance that it will get progressively worse over time, as nearly every regulatory regime does).  It may even be a good thing to regulate the industry more. 

I am simply saying what no one else seems to — that increased regulation decreases competition and increases costs.  Consumers always pay those costs at some point.  And I seriously doubt the legislature or Governor has paid much attention to that aspect of the regime.

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  1. […] have commented on increased regulation resulting in increased costs to consumers before.  Such as directly below this post.  Here is a fresh […]

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