Former Maes Supporter Says She Gave Him $300 To Help Pay His Mortgage

The Denver Post brings us this nugget:

A former supporter of Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes’ said she gave him cash to help pay his mortgage after he told her he was struggling financially.

Freda Poundstone, the former mayor of Greenwood Village, said she gave Maes “more than $300” after he told her he was behind on the mortgage on his Evergreen home.

Maes says $300 wouldn’t help his mortgage much, which is probably true, and that it was a campaign contribution (although it didn’t get reported as such).  The former supporter says “[h]e’s a liar.”  That it was a gift to pay personal expenses.  He said, she said.  Whatever.

The interesting thing for me was my reaction to the fact that the story is about $300.  I want my Governor to have done better in private life than to have to worry about $300, regardless of where it came from or why it is being given. 

No, money is not always an indication of personal success.  The members of our military, for example, do great things for not much money.  But absent illness, job loss, and other extraordinary events, $300 is a pretty small amount of money for anyone who is reasonably careful about their finances.

The governor’s office is responsible for running a massive organization with an annual budget of hundreds of millions of dollars.  I want someone in that office who takes money seriously and understands its value, but who has been careful enough with his or her own money not to care too much about $300.  I wasn’t that person in college.  Maes doesn’t seem to be that person now.

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