Can The Obama Administration get Any More Whiney?

Yes they can!

In the NYT, we have the pitiful story of Linda Douglas, White House communications aid (among others):

Linda Douglass slept nearly 12 hours the day after she left her job as a communications aide at the White House. And the day after that and the day after that. It took two weeks until she finally felt rested.

“I got to the point where I was almost traumatized by how hard I was working and how much stress I was feeling all the time,” Ms. Douglass recalled.

* * *

White House officials show up for work at 7 a.m., go home at, say, 8 p.m. and find themselves on e-mail until they fall asleep, often six or seven days a week. . . .

“I was never off my BlackBerry — ever,” said Ms. Douglass, who was spokeswoman for the health care drive. At dinner, even with her husband, she would sneak to the bathroom or keep it in her lap. “It was just the three of us — him, me and my BlackBerry. I felt like I was losing friendships.”

Cry me a river.  Does the NYT think this is somehow unique? 

Law firms, for example, are notorious meat grinders for young associates and older partners alike.  Twelve and thirteen hour days are often routine, with longer days put in as necessary.  Brutal travel schedules are frequently added on top of the rest of what you have to get done.

And living with the Blackberry at your side is also hardly unusual in non-White House life.  Just ask my wife.  I check it when I first wake up — often before I get out of bed.  I check it when I get out of the shower.  I check it on the way to the office.  I check it at lunch.  I check it at dinner.  I check it before going to bed.  And I check it almost as much on the weekend; as much if things are really busy.  I can safely say that the same is true for virtually every one of my partners, and this ain’t New York.

They can’t do anything right, but take pity on White House aides.  They have been working really hard, the poor dears.

Funny, I don’t remember the NYT running any stories about how hard people were working in the White House after, say, 9/11.

UPDATE:  The invaluable Victor David Hansen weighs in, er, yesterday:

The Times wants to draw a sympathetic portrait of the heroic Obama cadre that suffers so much on our behalf. These are six-figure jobs that wear out one’s hands on the Blackberry, true, but serve as valuable stepping-stones to even higher-paying corporate jobs.

Good point.  They are not doing it for charity.  They are true believers hoping to cash in once the heavy lifting is done. More from VDH at the link.

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