If Dan Maes Isn’t Qualified To Be Governor, How Was Obama Qualified To Be President?

Westword reports that Denver Post publisher Dean Singleton declared that GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes “probably isn’t competent to be dog catcher” in response to his complaint regarding a Denver Post editorial arguing that Maes isn’t qualified to be elected governor because of his weak business record. 

So I thought I would see what the Post had to say about another candidate without a successful business record:

Republicans love to mock Obama’s history as a community organizer. But here was a man with no money to offer, no patronage to dispense, no way to punish his opponents. All he could do was to work with people from all walks of life, liberals and conservatives, business people and the unemployed, and bring them together in common cause for a better community. Could there really be better preparation to reunite a worried and divided America to again pursue our “more perfect union”?

This paragraph is contained in the Post’s endorsement of Mr. Obama for President.  I think most would agree that President Obama hasn’t exactly “reunite[d] a worried and divided America,” unless it is in opposition to his radical agenda. 

I happen to agree that Maes isn’t qualified for the office he seeks to occupy.  But unlike the Post, I was also right about Obama.  I guess we can hope that Mr. Singleton’s remarks indicate that the Denver Post’s editorial board has learned something about the qualifications it takes to lead.

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