Dems Are Spinning Colorado’s Democratic Senate Primary As A Great Win For Obama

According to NYT columnist Jeff Zeleny, “President Obama and his White House on Wednesday were savoring one of their sweetest victories of the midterm election season, as Senator Michael Bennet’s triumph in the Colorado Democratic primary on Tuesday interrupted the political storyline that all incumbents are doomed by voter discontent.” 

The chair of the Democratic National Committee, Tim Kaine, also tells Politico that Bennet’s primary victory shows that the Democratic party still has “a lot of mojo.”

This is pathetic spin.  Baghdad Bob pathetic.

The Bennet/Romanoff race was a Democratic primary in which Democrats alone voted.  It does not say anything about the dynamic outside of the Democratic party.

The overall voter sentiment is not anti-incumbent.  It is anti-Obama, anti-Democrat, and anti-Democratic agenda.  Independents are turning towards Republicans, not away from anyone who happens to be an incumbent.

In fact, even with heavy presidential involvement  in the Colorado Democratic primary race, including assistance from the president’s political organization, Obama’s attempt to bribe Romanoff to abandon the race, “Obama robocalls and a last-minute ‘tele-town hall’ in which he talked up Bennet,” Bennet picked up just 54% of the votes by the Democratic party faithful.

That is why Bennet was quick to accept the congratulations of President Obama, but just as quick (and rightly so) to be coy when asked whether he would invite President Obama to campaign for him in the general.  Outside of his party faithful, Obama is simply toxic. 

NYT story via my masters at Commentary Contentions.  I prefer not to link the NYT if I can help it, so click through Contentions if you must read the whole thing.  I am dumber for having read it, and you will be to.

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