The NYT — Utterly Clueless

The second paragraph below from the NYT’s editorial yesterday is almost comical:

The economic news — on growth, consumers, housing and manufacturing — was bad enough before the jobs report for July, released last Friday. The report leaves no doubt that a slowdown is well under way. The odds of renewed recession remain uncomfortably high.

And yet, the response from Washington has been inadequate, at best, with Democratic initiatives too timid and Republicans bent on obstruction. When legislation does emerge from the gridlock, it is invariably a disappointment in the face of a dissolving recovery.

Democratic initiatives are too timid?  Not exactly.  Their agenda has been so radical  — spending $800 Billion on random pet projects, bailing out profligate states that are captive to public employee unions, taking over major industries through 2,000 page bills no one has even read, and declaring war on business through taxation and regulation — that almost no Republicans or independents can support it. 

And “Republicans bent on  obstruction”?  I disagree with that characterization, but so what?  The Democrats control the House, Senate, and Presidency.  The Republicans can’t obstruct the Democratic agenda.  The only brakes on the Democrats are their own terrified members who have to face an increasingly pissed-off electorate in the fall.   Any “gridlock” is caused by the Democrats pursuing such a radical agenda that they can’t keep their own caucus together.

But the NYT has a fevah!  And the only prescription is more cowbell.  We need to give more federal money to over-spending states so they can hire more permanent public employees.  We need more federal spending “to spur small-business lending.”  We need more federal spending and regulation “to create jobs in energy and infrastructure.” 

The biggest “rift between policy making and reality” outside of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi crowd is at the NYT. 

We need less of what the current administration and Congress are trying to give us, not more.  True gridlock would be a blessing.

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