Boise Is Pleasant, Part II

So far, this is one of the best solo business trips I have had, and I have traveled to about 35-40 states on business over the last 15 years. 

Downtown Boise has an interesting vibe — one part NW student/hippie, one part redneck, and one part business.  I enjoy the vibe quite a bit — I come from a long line of rednecks, I enjoy hippies and students, and I am kind of a business guy.  So I feel pretty much at home.  At least downtown, the combination means good coffee and beer, live music, and a relaxed atmosphere.

I discovered (by looking out my hotel window) that on Wednesdays during the Summer, Boise has a free bands and beers event on an off-street downtown plaza called “Alive after Five.”   Tonight, they had a great chick band, The Trishas.   They are young, cute, really talented, and apparently a pretty new group.  I really enjoyed their set, and even bought a CD. 

Before that, I wandered over to the river and found the running set.  I also found lots of lazy tubers on the river, a great green belt, and even a troupe(??) of people padded up in plastic downhill biking armour and home-made shields waging medieval hand-to-hand combat in the park.  I was never quite that dorky growing up, but I got close enough to appreciate the openness of geekiness and tolerance that this represents. 

Tomorrow is lots of real work — deposing the CEO of a fairly large company who is likely to be really hostile — so no blogging until late at best.

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