Boise Is A Pleasant Place

I was thinking about the blog, and realized that I rarely post about the things that we all spend most of our lives doing.  For me, a big one is work.  This week, it is work-related travel.

I flew into Boise, Idaho this morning, attended a hearing and argued a motion this afternoon, went for a run in oppressive heat, then checked out a local brew pub for dinner.  I like Boise. 

The airport is small, convenient, and close to town.  Unlike Denver, travel time to/from the airport is negligible.  This matters if you travel a bunch, because airport time is lost time.  It wears you out, you don’t accomplish much, and it feels like a waste of time.

The judge we drew on this matter seems solid.  Smart, practical, and no bullshit without being a jerk.  So many of them turn into jerks that this means something. 

Downtown Boise is small and pretty dated, but pleasant enough.  Everything is walking distance if you don’t mind walking, and I love walking around to get to know a new town.  So I walked and ran about a bit.

I intended to run to and then along the river, but my directions were an ambiguous finger-point from my client while we were inside the hotel.  So I started out the wrong way and continued the mistake.  It happens, I have a good sense of direction, and I enjoy wandering around.  So I never found the river (that will have to be tomorrow’s run) and ended up cruising through some old neighborhoods towards the hills.

No one seems to run in Boise.  Granted, it was pretty freaking hot — 98 at 6:30 — but I saw exactly one other runner.  And given his outfit, I can’t say for sure that he wasn’t running from someone.  Either I was very much in the wrong place, or not that many people run here.  I can’t blame them, since running pretty much sucks, but I expected to see more runners.

After running, I googled Boise brewpubs and found one three blocks away — the Tablerock Brewpub & Grill.  I probably should have done my civic duty and tried a few more brews, but they didn’t have a stout or porter that looked interesting.  So in the interest of science I tried a pint each of their IPA and double IPA.

Both passed muster.  I prefer a bit more floral hoppiness in IPAs, and a bit more in-your-face bitterness in double-IPAs, but I enjoyed them both.

All in all, a pretty good day.

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