NM Gov. Bill Richardson Has Too Much Time On His Hands; Maybe He Needs A Different Career

The Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, is reportedly considering whether to pardon infamous outlaw Billy the Kid.  The news focus seems to be that the possible pardon is “angering descendants of [lawman Pat] Garrett who call it an insult to recognize such a violent outlaw.”

First, there is no reason to especially care what the descendants of Pat Garrett think about this.  Garrett lived over 100 years ago.  Yet the Governor of New Mexico apparently thinks it is important to consult Garrett’s descendants about this possible pardon, making a  ridiculous idea even more bizarre.

Second, Billy the Kid’s story is a mix of fact and legend, but he was convicted for killing a Sherriff and killed two deputies while escaping from jail in 1881 (among other killings).  Why would the NM Governor even consider pardoning anyone who killed two deputies while waiting to be hanged for yet another murder of a lawman, even if it was a very long time ago?

I am always amazed at the things politicians do to keep themselves in the headlines.

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