Democrats — A Bunch of Bitchy Little Girls

The line is from one of my favorite shows, Burn Notice.  It fits John Kerry (D-MA) and Barack Obama quite well. 

 Today, The Guy Who Failed To Beat Bush is carrying water for The One on his favorite talking point regarding the Democrats’ cratering poll numbers: 

I think that part of the problem is that a lot has been accomplished, but the story has not been sufficiently told, and we need to go out with some passion, and energy, and a little bit of anger even and make sure people understand how difficult this road has been against constant, non-stop Republican obstructionism.

The Democrats have (1) the Presidency, (2) a majority in the House, and (3) 60 seats in the Senate.  The Republicans are literally incapable of obstructionism.  Yet the Democrats still think it is persuasive to try to blame the Republicans.   And notwithstanding the constant cowbell from the Campaigner-in-Chief, it is the public’s fault for not understanding the wonderfulness of all the wonderful things these guys are accomplishing.

I have an alternative theory.  There is a reason the public in general and independents in particular have abandoned the Democrats — It’s the Agenda, Stupid. 

Via Peter Wehner at Commentary Contentions.

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